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Hot bikini photos of amputee in the beach

Singer-Songwriter, Marsha Elle has shared new hot bikini photos for her fans.

Posing with her prosthetic leg looking all hot in the beach. Another photo she looked oiled up.


"Marsha Elle" was born with PFFD and has been an above the knee amputee all her life. Despite her passion for music, Elle quotes, "In a world where public image is everything, I had my doubts." Her insecurities led her to believe that the public would not accept her gift. Despite these fears, God has brought great joy and hope to her life."God used music to save my life" says Elle, "it kept me in my right mind; God said 'if you are willing, I will use you, your gift will not go to waste ". Since that epiphany, she has been able to use her experiences and trials to encourage others with insecurities and furthermore, set an example for fellow amputees.

Marsha Elle is a singer/songwriter endeavoring to deliever the message of hope through music. At the age of 17, Elle released her hit single "Hallelujah" a fusion of Caribbean Zouk and pop that received accolades from radio stations both in America and across the seas."Brave" was released Spring 2016 with her hit singles "Beard" and "Unlimbted". Elle was featured on MTV's 2016 Dream day special and is embarking on a U.S.tour Fall 2017 .