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Pics of randy Russian beauty filmed in middle of Moscow as she is JAILED for brazen romp

HORNY Russian who was filmed having sex in the middle of a city centre has been jailed for the brazen act.

The shameless pair were filmed having sex in the middle of Russian capital Moscow by their giggling pal in the early hours in footage which was released online shortly after.

Russian media identified the woman in the video only as 23-year-old Sasha.

The explicit clip filmed by the couple's female friend shows Sasha having sex with an unidentified man.

She can be seen with her knickers pulled down, leaning forward to grab the railings by the river with the man behind her.

The woman is heard moaning: "I can't."
The man asks: "Maybe I should stop? Or should I not?"
Sasha says: "No, you should not!"

Two women were sentenced to seven days behind bars for their actions of recording and uploading the video  with Kirillov still awaiting sentencing.